Tranquil Shower Steamer (3-day Preorder)

Tranquil Shower Steamer (3-day Preorder)

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Fancy a spa-like shower? Scented with a blend of lavender, marjoram, grapefruit and cedarwood, Tranquil is light and delicate with floral and citrus middle tones. Its comforting aura imbues a sense of peace and tranquility - perfect for a lazy day in.

Shower steamers come into contact with hot water and start to fizz, releasing essential oil vapours to create a blissful, therapeutic bathroom experience. Enjoy a natural, light and delicate aroma without the overpowering scent of menthol.

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Scent Strength: ●●●

To Use:

SHOWER - Place tablet on a shelf or on the floor away from the drain. Position it near you in the direct, light stream of hot water, OR in a corner and spray hot water on it occasionally to keep it activated. Adjust to preference.

BATH TUB - You can also use it as a bath bomb. Place 1 large tablet in a bath tub filled with hot water. Soak, inhale, relax.

FOOT BATH - Place 1 mini tablet in a foot bath filled with hot water and let the vapours waft.


1PC LARGE (±70g) - 3 to 5 showers depending on usage. Comes in a re-usable travel case.

3PC MINI (±23g) - 1 shower each. Packed in a re-sealable kraft bag.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, orris root powder (iris florentina), arrowroot starch (maranta arundinacea), polysorbate 80, dipropylene glycol, essential oils of lavendula angustifolia (lavender), citrus paradisi (grapefruit), origanum majorana (marjoram), citrus aurantifolia (lime), cedrus atlantica (cedarwood), mica

Caution: Keep away from roaming pets. Beware of slippery floor.

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